Are you struggling to keep a clean home while raising a family and working a full time job? Then this cleaning routine is just for you.

Let’s get started!

Do you feel like you just don't have time for a cleaning routine? Is your messy home the reason for your stress? With 30 minutes a day, you could have a clean home. Every day.

Cleaning Routine Breakdown: Morning

01 Make the bed. 2 minutes

02 Switch last night's laundry to the dryer. 1 minute

03 Wipe the bathroom counters and sink. 2 minutes

04 Fold, hang/pick up laundry. 7 minutes

05 Random & quick household chore. 3 minutes

Total time: 15 minutes

Make the bed.  2 minutes


Starting a routine of making your bed will keep you on track, helping to give you the motivation to complete your next task. 

Switch last night's laundry to the dryer. 1 minute


Do this after the first thing you do every morning. Whether it is letting the dogs out or turning on the coffee pot. Pretty soon, you wont even realize you're doing it.

Wipe the bathroom counters/sink. 2 minutes


While you brush your teeth, grab a towel and wipe the sinks and counters down. Doing this every time you brush keeps grime from building up.

Fold/hang/pick up last night's laundry. 7 minutes


You're only having to pick up one day's worth of laundry so this takes just a couple minutes. Doing laundry every day keeps it from piling.

Random chore 3 minutes


This can be absolutely anything that you need done. Wiping kitchen counters or spot mopping the floor would be perfect.

Cleaning Routine Breakdown: Evening

01 Empty the dishwasher while you cook supper. 5 minutes

02 Clean the kitchen. 4 minutes

03 Random chore 3 minutes

04 Put the day's laundry to wash. 3 minutes

Total time: 15 minutes

Empty the dishwasher while you cook. 5 minutes


Emptying the dishwasher while you are waiting for your meat to brown or your pasta to boil is easy. Reload at the end of dinner and START IT.

Clean up the kitchen. 4 minutes


Since dishes were put right into the dishwasher, things should be tidy. Take this time to wipe counters and put things away that don't belong.

Random chore 3 minutes


What can you do in 3 minutes? Find something that needs to be done.

Put the day's laundry to wash. 3 minutes


You are only gathering one set of clothes from everyone. Two if you don't reuse your pajamas. Maybe some bath towels. Grab it and throw it in the washer. It's a small load but will be easier to pick up in the morning. 

Easy Cleaning Routine for Working Moms.

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And just like that, with 30 minutes a day we are keeping our homes clean.

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